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Bring up alien encounters, and the first thing that most people think of is Roswell. To this day, though, UFO enthusiasts believe both stories were cover-ups for the recovery of an alien spacecraft, and Roswell has inspired dozens of stories about alien visits to Earth and years of debate over the existence of extraterrestrials. Army claimed the vehicle in the 1947 crash was a weather balloon, then a nuclear test monitoring device.The last major earthquake – in 1994 ­– caused billions of dollars in damage.Longtime Angelenos and scientists say LA is due for another big one soon.The notion that raids have been stepped up under Trump has been advanced both by the White House, to show that Trump is keeping a promise, and by advocates of those who have been targeted, to illustrate what they call the new president’s heavy-handed tactics.But statistical evidence has not come in to show that enforcement has surged under the new Trump administration or that actual deportations are up.Related: 9 Out-of-This-World Alien Invasion Books In 74 BCE, the Roman historian Plutarch described reports from eyewitnesses in two opposing armies in the western part of what is now Turkey. Plutarch wrote in his text : “But presently, as they were on the point of joining battle, with no apparent change of weather, but all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies.

More than 100 of the arrests were in the Los Angeles area.

Everyone just showed up to these things and played for free. Maria Muldaur (Jim Kweskin Jug Band): The portent of things turning into rock festivals was when Dylan first played electric at Newport [in 1965].

Larry Taylor (Canned Heat): People would get together in a big park and listen to music and hang out. This felt like a continuation of the vibe and energy that was created with the Newport Folk Festival.

Both sides were astonished at the sight, and separated.

This marvel, as they say, occurred in Phrygia, at a place called Otryae.” NASA astrophysicist Dr.

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I played music in the Fifties and I remember wearing cummerbunds, plaid jackets and uniforms. I got into American Indian beads and pants with hand-painted psychedelic stuff on it. The "alternative lifestyle" — the hipsters, the jazz aficionados — were already drawn to Newport, but things were a little more buttoned-down and straight. Brown: KFRC was getting spooked that [rival San Francisco DJ/station manager Tom] Donahue was really starting to make a new scene out of radio in San Francisco.

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