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Well, one of the current trends within internet dating is a growing use of SKYPE.Some singles who’ve met at a dating site and have moved to being interested in meeting each other for a first date are wanting to use SKYPE.An Australian artist has filmed herself having un-simulated sex with a stranger in a so-called ‘rape representation’ to encourage debate on the patriarchal nature of sexual violence.Sophia Hewson – who arranged and choreographed the three-minute piece called – invited the man to her home in New York to record the video.

Julia Ericksen, emeritus professor at Temple University, author, and PTC Board Member, and featuring University of Pennsylvania Sociology Professor, David Grazian, and Temple University Sociology Professor, Tom Waidzunas.

Those of you who argue with me about the ease of getting laid should go right now and post an ad on Craigslist, then sift through the hundreds of responses.

Yes, some of them will be creepers with dick pics, but some of them, I can assure you, will be quite enticing. That may not be something you want to do, but it is easy.

“The most confronting aspect of Untitled ("are you ok bob?

"), isn't watching as a woman is struck or penetrated, it's seeing her look back out at us from the experience.

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, PTC Literary Manager Carrie Chapter will host “Colloquium Sexualis: A Conversation with Dr.

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