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I would be willing to bet that only 3% of all “Cubicle Americans” actually have a positive outlook on life.

And half of that 3% is stealing from their company. And in no time someone will call your name across the loud speaker to tell you where you can be found. If you grew up going to church, at some point in your .

Moving all over the country, getting married, and having kids all make that forty-five minute conversation with your sophomore roommate a little more complicated than it used to be over a game of Mario Kart.

Making and don’t make sense to anybody other than upper-management.

I’d say half of these guys were average looking at best.

Some even had their picture ratings averaging around 4 on a 1 to 10 scale!

Soon after they get on the road there is a loud noise and the video, recorded by a woman in the passenger seat who was pointing the camera at her own face, shakes dramatically before suddenly cutting off.

However, let me be so brash to say that you are right now, at this moment, exactly where you need to be.However, the one thing that they all did have, were decent pictures of themselves. Here are 10 ways dating is different in your teens than in your 20s. Back when you were a teen, the boy of your dreams was mister popular. In As a twenty something woman, I can get so caught up in the transitions as well as the daily grind of life. Through this interactive Bible study, Sarah helps young adult women address each stress point by encouraging them to wait on the Lord, worship Him, and make Him the focus of their lives.

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We all have crap we try to wrap and hide under the Christmas tree.

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  1. Produced since 2001, Degrassi’s 385 episodes tell the stories of students experiencing issues as far-reaching as homophobia and abuse, to violence and burgeoning sexuality, to dating and heartbreak.