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Gumtree said: "We do everything in our power to keep scammers off our site and encourage anyone that has fallen for a scam, to report it to us and the police.We take fraud very seriously, so our dedicated safety team investigates claims and takes action such as blocking the offender from the site and working with the police in their investigations.Your money is given to the person at the top of the pyramid, and eventually you'll be promoted to the top and have your turn to reap the benefits.Invariably the only winners here are the early investors, usually the scammers, and everyone else leaves with nothing.Other popular scams include people paying for goods online that they never receive - including furniture, phones and pets.Citizens Advice analysed 649 Gumtree cases and 3,711 e Bay cases that were reported to the consumer service between October 2013 and March 2014.

Ms Guy said: "It’s time for online marketplaces to up their game and do more to protect their customers from dodgy dealings by strongly policing their websites, carrying out spot checks and immediately removing any risky ads.” Citizens Advice also wants a change in the law to stop logbook lenders being able to take away a vehicle if they are not the original borrower.Businesses inadvertently transferred money to the criminals.Hundreds of individuals were also affected by romance scams where the fraudster created fake profiles on online dating sites and convinced people to send them money.The take down involved cooperation between the Italian Police, Europol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).Dozens of companies were affected by payment diversion schemes in which attackers hijacked a company's communications and swapped out payment recipients' information for that of their own accounts.

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