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Justine Zwiebel for Buzz Feed朱丝婷它们为buzzfeed合作 1。马克马克 Calvin Klein卡尔文 Calvin Klein卡尔文“Remember when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, the rapper and Calvin Klein model? I cut out one of the magazine ads featuring him in those white boxer briefs and kept it hidden in between the pages of a children’s book about Greek mythology.I held onto the photo for a couple of years, I think, even traveled with it when I’d stay with my grandma in Memphis for the summer.” —Saeed Jones“还记得马克沃尔伯格marky标记,说唱和卡尔文模型?哦,我做的。我剪了一个杂志的广告,他在那些白色的内裤,并把它藏在一本儿童书关于希腊神话中的页之间。我把照片好几年了,我想,即使旅行时用它我会留在孟菲斯的夏天我奶奶。”-赛义德琼斯 2。罗宾吉文斯 Paramount Pictures派拉蒙影业公司“The first woman I ever had a crush on was Robin Givens.In der Geschichtswissenschaft boomen derzeit grenzübergreifende Studien.

At the time he just looked nerdy and handsome, but taking a look at Billy now that I’m older, I realize he’s just a ’90s porn star with glasses.

), and she had, like, the best hair I’ve ever seen.

Whoa, I just opened up Google image search for an image and got all shaky.

Your town is probably full of hotties, and you don’t even know it.

Even if you don’t live in a huge, bustling town, young college-age guys are always taking summer trips—and one of their stops may just be where you live. Go to every available cookout, 4th of July party, backyard get-together, weekend BBQ – the list goes on.

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Dabei wird argumentiert, dass die allgemeinen neueren Forschungszugänge in der Geschichtswissenschaft zahlreiche Anregungen für eine künftige gesamtdeutsche Perspektive bieten, die die mitunter festgefahrene Sicht auf die alte Bundesrepublik und die DDR erweitern könnte.

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