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Hey, I'm looking for the formula for a validator that will accept numbers only. I read this post: But, this examples stills allows spaces. use this ^[0-9] $ You can also use compare validator for this with the following properties: Operator="Greater Than Equal" Type="Integer" Value To Compare="0" // or whatever value you want Or You can use this expression: Validation Expression="^[0-9]*$" hi taffylewis, check this post here i explained clearly how to restrcit user to enter only numbers in textbox using javascript.

But if you only want to match whole numbers like 2, 3, 333, 545 etc.

The Try Parse method is a static member of each numeric data type. The first parameter is the string containing the data that is to be converted.

The second is an output parameter that holds the numeric value if the string is valid.

If you enter a number then a space it works, but if you just input a space, it does not work. You're right on time again Sonu Kapoor, thanks again! It's very hard to find the right answer on this site, as only a handful of posters actually post the correct answer with no missing (essential) information.

You need TWO validator controls to ensure only numeric values are entered.

It can contain only unformatted text in its Text property.

In many situations you need to enter only numeric values in the Textbox.

C# requires two types of statements when you want to work with console input and output. This statement prompts the user for what must be entered.This C# Program Checks Whether the Entered Number is a Perfect Number or Not.A perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors.Declarative validation when compared to imperative approach seems to be more convenient in many cases. Simple enough, let's move to another variation: By the usage of this attribute type, we are not validating field requirement as before - its value is allowed to be null this time.Clean, compact code - all validation logic defined within the model scope. Nevertheless, if some value is already given, provided restriction needs to be satisfied (return date needs to be greater than or equal to the date returned by Literal translation means, that if either email or phone is provided, you are forced to authorize someone to contact with you (boolean value indicating contact permission has to be true).

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Most programs don't just run and perform a function without any type of user input.

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