Dating a antique secretary

Especially if your desk, like many sold in the "Sears, Roebuck & Co." or "Montgomery Ward" catalogs from the 1880s to the end of the 1920s, was factory-built, you may recognize it by its measurements as much as by its design.Perfectly symmetrical measurements are a clue that your desk was factory- rather than hand-made. Early roll-tops were built of heavy woods such as black walnut, and small local companies might choose from a variety of local hardwoods.We think that all restoration including antique chair restoration should be appropriate to the particular piece.Sometimes the conservation approach is a consideration, especially for rare and valuable items. 1Elbe (4)Eldora Elfrida (6)Emperor Erbe Erie (2)Estelle Euphrates Extra VPFairfield Fashion Fashion No.

9 (5)Fayette (2)Fenwick Florence Flower Girl Flush (2)Flying Pendulum No. Inside there was storage for paper, pen, and ink," according to by John Obbard.Yes, these early "desks" could be employed to prop a book up for reading or the surface used for writing, but it was soon evident that there was room for improvement as the hinges were at the top.The slant-front desk opens forward to provide a writing surface.While closed, the slanted panel conceals a network of cubbies and drawers used for organizing paperwork and writing supplies.

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